Series VII Reviews: Stoke Me A Clipper

It’s been 25 years today since Stoke Me A Clipper first aired, and we’re marking the occasion by looking back at the episode in a brand new Garbage Podcast.

The departure of Rimmer would always have required a suitably grand story, and Stoke come out of the gates strong. It’s certainly not without it’s faults and your feelings on the use of Ace may come down to personal preference, but it’s an episode that packs gags an pathos while providing Chris Barrie with a suitable exit.

Which guest cast member kept a picture of himself dressed as a Nazi on display at home? If a bad wig is portraying an actual wig, does it become a good wig? And why on earth would anyone hear that a Knight had  ‘escaped’ from the AR machine, and just take that as a perfectly reasonable explanation?

All these nonsensical topics and and more will be absorbed in the analysis of the episode as as Alex, James and Andrew go back over the episode that, for a while at least, marked the end of an era.