Series VII Reviews: Ouroboros

January 31, 2022 Alex Newsome 0

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series VII’s 25th anniversary, we look back at the third episode of the series, Ouroboros. With Chris Barrie having (sort of) departed the show, a change of


Series VII Reviews: Stoke Me A Clipper

January 24, 2022 Alex Newsome 0

It’s been 25 years today since Stoke Me A Clipper first aired, and we’re marking the occasion by looking back at the episode in a brand new Garbage Podcast. The departure of Rimmer would always


Series VII Reviews: Tikka To Ride

January 17, 2022 Alex Newsome 0

  2022 marks the silver anniversary of Red Dwarf VII, and as such we’re back from the dead with a brand new series of Garbage Podcasts to mark the occasion, starting this week with Tikka