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TV reviews

Auf Wiedersehen, Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso went home, back to Kansas. Much like Dorothy, and Bernie Taupin, he realized his future lies beyond the yellow brick road. But he didn’t leave Richmond and its A.F.C., or us, unchanged. Much

TV reviews

Recap: Ted Lasso – 3×12 – “So Long, Farewell”

Written by Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly & Jason Sudeikis  Directed by Declan Lowney Ted Lasso, as expected, delivered an almost paint-by-the-numbers finale – even if, or rather, exactly because they didn’t win the whole fucking

TV reviews

Recap: Ted Lasso – 3×11 – “Mom City”

Teleplay by Joe Kelly Directed by Declan Lowney Last week’s quote of the week was “I’m sorry”, so it’s only logical that this week’s is “I forgive you”. Last week was also about fathers, and


Recap: Ted Lasso – 3×06 – “Sunflowers”

Written by: Brendan Hunt Directed by: Matt Lipsey Brendan Hunt wrote a love letter to the show, to its cast, and to the city of Amsterdam. It’s everyone’s “Beard After Hours”. And it is chock-full