Andrew Moir
Founded the site in May 2012. A bit obsessed with Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like everyone who grew up in nineties, believes all good television stopped being made at the turn of the millennium. Co-host of First Contact and We’re Always Watching and writer of many articles for this site. Come join me on Twitter



Jac Thurmond
Co-founder of The Spoilist. Resident horror aficionado. Also reviewing science fiction, animation, and arthouse films. You can find me on Twitter.

Alex Newsome
I am the primary writer on We’re Always Watching and co-host of First Contact. Away from The Spoilist, I am the Editor for The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club‘s magazine ‘Back to Reality’, and co-host of The Garbage Podcast. You can find a selection of my writing and music on my site, The Miscellany and you can follow me on Twitter.

James Cluskey
Co-host of First Contact and We’re Always Watching. Red Dwarf and Star Trek fan. Find me on Twitter.

Steve Clark
Australia-based Movie/Sci-Fi loving uber nerd whose life was transformed in 1980 when my parents took me to see The Empire Strikes Back at the tender age of 5. Since then I have been obsessed with cinema and I also appreciate damn fine TV. Find me on Twitter

The Terence Malick of film blogging… inexplicable delays between projects and the results are often incomprehensible. Further sage words can be found on Twitter.

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