First Contact: ‘Silicon Avatar’ Season 5 Episode 4

Riker’s awkward seduction is interrupted by the crystalline entity which devastatingly transforms a colony which looks surprisingly like a California park into a matte painting. The survivors wait out the disaster in a cave until the Enterprise eventually comes to rescue them. They are joined by Kila Marr, an expert on the creature who lost her son in the attack by the entity on Omicron Theta, Data’s homeworld. The Doctor initially mistrusts Data, believing him to be working with the entity but later she softens when she asks him to share some of her son’s memories. Despite this, she seems intent on destroying the giant killer space crystal while Picard would rather start a dialogue. While the crew works out a method of communication, Marr uses the same to destroy the creature. She later asks forgiveness from her son through Data, but he offers none.

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