Series V Commentaries: The Inquisitor

Image2In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series V’s 25th anniversary, we talk about The Inquisitor for our latest commentary.

It’s the episode that’s perhaps the perfect encapsulation of Series V’s aesthetic. A strong sic-fi story at the centre with some horror aspects that owe more than a small debt to The Terminator, but it also finds the time to take in some great character moments too through the trials. In an episode that could have seemed like a retread from Justice in the last series, it manages to surpass this easily and become one of the show’s strongest episodes.

Why does Rimmer’s costume keep changing? Would showing The Inquisitor’s true face have spoiled the story? And do you remember when a robot called The Inquisitor was entered into Robot Wars?

All these sycophantic questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew try to justify this podcast’s existence by being vaguely insightful and not just bang on about corridor sets as normal. It’s a futile effort.

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