Kong Skull Island: Final trailer released

The good thing about trailers is that they tease, don’t show. Well actually that used to be the good thing about trailers. Today they mostly throw all the coolest parts of the film at your face to try and generate a reaction – any reaction, to get you to part with you hard-earned cast. The Kong: Skull Island final trailer has a giant things fighting each other, loads of shots to make you wish that you were watching Apocalypse Now, and some…comedy.

Judging purely on the trailer (and of course trailers can distort everything) this film seems to have a real personality problem. For the most part, it’s a serious adventure film and then whenever John C Reilly is on screen it’s like the worst quippy excesses of Guardians of The Galaxy. All will be revealed when the film arrives in cinemas next week.

Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson and John Goodman star in a film from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

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