The LEGO Batman Movie: new trailer for animated caped crusader film

It is weird that this exists right? It’s great that there are so many versions of Batman out there, and it appears that the LEGO version of Batman could be the best one out there. The thing is, Batman is a ridiculous concept, once you get beyond all the angst and noir. It’s a rich man, dressing up as a bat to fight crime. It’s just that it’s all so ingrained in our culture that we can forget the pure dumb of it all. And in recent times the Batman movies have taken themselves very seriously so this is a welcome antidote.

It’s weird times though. It used to be that nobody wanted to dilute their brand. Now we have this, the main DC Expanded Universe movies and Gotham on TV. Oh, and there was Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders which came out earlier this year on DVD with Adam West and Burt Ward back in their most famous roles but now animated. Holy franchise overkill Batman!

Anyway this pop culture savvy, toy selling, overly sentimental, better than it deserves to be film arrives in cinemas on 17 February 2017.

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