Series V Commentaries: Holoship

Image2Yesterday marked our fifth anniversary on this site, and one thing we have been doing regularly in those five years is marking the 25th anniversary of each episode’s initial airing with a Garbage Podcast commentary. So with alarming predictability, we’re back mark 25 years since Series V. In this edition, we sit down to watch the series opener; Holoship.

Series V sees something of a bod new style for the show, but is that true of Holoship? In a series that ramps up the horror and sci-fi elements, the series opener is something of a stand alone affair. However, it’s one of the more character centric of the series, and one which sees Rimmer being forced to deal the outcomes with his own selfish decisions, now that they directly affect him.

Does the episode gets unfairly overlooked? Would the episode have benefited from deleted scenes being reinstated? And what are the effects of Ed having gone bye bye?

All these cheap puns and more will be drawn out as Alex, James and Andrew dive into to discuss the episode with little more than a shout of geronimo.

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