Bonus Commentaries: Backwards Forwards

Last year September we marked the 25th anniversary of Series II with a series of commentaries for each episode because… well mainly because we’d done the same for Series I and we’d made a rod for our own back. But when sitting down to do the same for Series III, we realised we’d forgotten to ask Andrew to turn up to record.

Always ones to waste an opportunity, we decided to go ahead anyway and instead preview the series by looking at the forwards version of Backwards on the DVD. It’s been questioned before if it’s worth having the whole episode in reverse rather than just highlights, and to make some kind of petty point we reversed the audio of this commentary (though this edition has been put forwards again so that we are comprehensible and no longer sound German). We’re making a point, but we’re not actually addressing it at the team behind the DVD. We’re addressing it at the one prat on the internet who’s bothered to get this recording, turn it round, and actually work out the rubbish we’re saying. What a poor sad life they’ve got!

Does any of the episode make sense when watched in reverse? Has anyone ever watched it from start to finish? And what happens when you bring in Kerry Shale to remaster Series I for the Japanese market? These tedious topics and more are discussed as Alex and James get them out of the way before starting on the Series III commentaries properly later this week.

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