Series XI Reviews: Give & Take


Half way into Series XI and all three episodes have been quite different from each other. With Give and Take, we have an episode that has been particularly well received, with many highlighting it as their favourite so far.

So what is it about this episode that has made it so popular? Is it that the location filming manages to harken back to a period of the show they latched onto? Perhaps it’s the central concept? Or maybe it’s simply the unexpected turns in the episode to keep the audience guessing

For some, it’s one of the best episode they’ve seen in years while for others it has been a much less high ranking affair. But is this a reflection of the episode? Or is it highlighting the issue that lots of fans want different things from the show?

Whose kidneys are in the jar? Who is Ronald Littlewood? And just what the hell has happened to The Cat’s hair? All these follicle based questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew organise their those and try to give their opinions on what we can take away from this episode.

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