First Contact: ‘You Must Remember This’ Season 1 Overview


First Contact Season 1 overview

To celebrate one year since the good ship First Contact launched, here’s our overview of season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It hasn’t been that long since we watched all of these episodes but how much can TNG newcomer Alex remember?

Listen to the previous episode, ‘The Neutral Zone’ here

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  1. Very much enjoyed your reviews. Am wondering what you are going to do for second half of season 2 through to first half of 6. The quality picks up measurably when Piller becomes senior story editor

    • We’ll just keep going and I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about. We are aware that the earlier episodes give up plenty of reasons to mock and therefore plenty to say.

      The plan is probably to introduce some more regular features to give us some leeway to go in different different directions. Either that or continue to be mean for no good reason and alienate our audience. It’ll fall into place. Maybe.

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