The Garbage Podcast – Series IV Commentaries: Camille

Having started down this insane path a few years ago, we’re back to mark another anniversary with a brand new series of Garbage Podcasts to mark 25 years since Series IV. In this edition, we sit down to watch the accidental Valentines friendly episode, Camille. The change from Series III to IV perhaps not as marked as the change from II to III, but there are certainly some changes that affect the show going forward. In this episode we see a film parody, an alien creature of the week and a look at the characters desires; all things that will play into the show again to varying degrees in the future.

Why don’t we see more mechs in the show? What are the ramifications of Cat’s biggest lust being himself? And what happens when you combine a horny mechanoid, a dark cinema, a popcorn bucket and a blob like creature without arms, but with an extending sucker?

All these questions and more will be sniggered at as Alex, James and Andrew act like childish schoolboys while watching the opener to this new series.

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