Wonder Woman: new trailer and posters

There’s a lot of motion in this trailer, but that’s not important right now. What is important that finally, Wonder Woman has come to the big screen, finally one of the big players is making a female-led comic book movie.

DC’s recent efforts have had the odds stacked against them, with both Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad having to introduce numerous characters and setting up the universe. This one has a number of advantages in that, it’s an origin story, and it’s a period piece, presumably with some present day bookends. There’s also the bonus that thanks to some really subtle world-building in BvS, audiences are already familiar with this iteration of Diana Prince.

It will be a tricky balancing act to get this all to flow together. It appears there will be multiple locations and time periods to play with Themyscira, Great War battlefields, early 20th century society and present day elements to blend together. That’s all about the execution but the good news is that the icons are there from the indestructible bracelets to the lasso of truth so that’s exciting.

That theme tune though…they’re going with that then…hmmm.

Gal Gadot stars in the title role alongside Chris Pine and Robin Wright in a film directed by Patty Jenkins.

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Wonder Woman arrives in cinemas 2 June 2017 


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