Series V Commentaries: Back To Reality

In this last edition of our celebration of Series V’s 25th anniversary, we sit down to talk about Back to Reality on it’s silver anniversary for our latest commentary.

To this day it’s still a relief that this episode went out last rather than first in Series V, as it encapsulated perfectly what we look for in an end of Series episode, and would arguably go on to set a mould that Series VI-X would also try to follow.

An episode that throws our characters into turmoil and puts them into an impossible situation certain makes for a memorable episode, but when you combine it with some of the show’s funniest images such as the introduction of Dwayne Dibbley, you have the ingredients for one of the best episodes of the show.

Yet it’s certainly not all lighthearted, and the episode continues some of Series V’s darker tone, even seeing all our our characters about to commit simultaneous suicide. But is it the episode that balances the light and the dark best?

Why is Rimmer’s situation worse in his hallucination than his normal life? Why are there consoles to watch other people copping of in the game? And just why do some people think it’s ok to black up at conventions to play Dwayne Dibbley ?

All these racially insensitive questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew despair at trying to find faults to pick in what is potentially the show’s best episode.

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