Trailer released for TV update of ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Okay TV, you really have run out of ideas now. Who thinks “How can we turn The Legend of Sleepy Hollow into a procedural”? This trailer is a bizarre mix of American War of Independence, police drama and witchcraft. It will certainly be something unique which is slightly ironic given how derivative it appears to be.

Tom Mison stars as Ichabod Crane, a soldier resurrected after centuries with a mission from General George Washington. He teams up with a local police officer played by Nicole Beharie to solve the mystery of the headless horseman. This isn’t one of those funny or die parodies right? Oh….

Perhaps it’s attempting to cash on on the  updated fairy tale audience that Once Upon a Time attracts but while that show is child friendly this appears to be something altogether darker and the appearance of Clancy Brown evokes the creepiest show ever mage – Carnivale.

It comes from Star Trek (2009) writing team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman whose previous television work includes writing for Xena: Warrior Princess, Alias as well as creating Fringe and developing the new version of Hawaii Five-0.

Sleepy Hollow will air on Mondays on FOX before getting swiftly cancelled for being weird

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