Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth

Everyone loves Will Smith right? Of course you do – he’s a megadude! And that must mean that you like his son, Jaden Smith too. What’s with the silence? You all went to see The Karate Kid remake and that was the best thing ever surely. Even though there was no Karate

Well what about M. Night Shyamalan? Remember The Sixth Sense? Everybody liked that, we called him the next Spielberg. Then he made more films including candidate for worst film ever – The Happening. And yet studios keep giving him money.

So what happens when box office golden boy meets the man who makes not very good films? Well it will probably be a big hit although perhaps not so much with the critics. Then again, it only has a week in cinemas before Man of Steel hits and expect that to take out all the competition. Also Will Smith doesn’t have a moustache  and that could have consequences.

After Earth is released June 7 2013 pretty much everywhere.

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