Thunderbirds 1965: First trailer reveals classic style

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s classic puppet series Thunderbirds, the team behind the excellent documentary film Filmed In Supermarionation, led by Stephen La Riviere, have reassembled in order to make three new episodse in the classic style.

The new shows will be based on audio adventures that were recorded for mini-albums, ensuring that the voices, as well as the visuals, remain authentic. They’ve even set up a their studio in Slough, where the original episodes were made for added authenticity.  Funds were raised for the episodes via Kickstarter and contributors are certain to be delighted with this quick teaser. This is a classic-era Thunderbirds opening with the models and puppets shot using exactly the same techniques deployed back in 1965 and the results are so spectacular that you would hardly believe it was made over the last couple of months.

The first episode is ‘The Abominable Snowman’ – as featured in this trailer -which sees Lady Penelope sent to the Himilayas to investigate some kidnappings. This will be followed by a prequel ‘Introducing Thunderbirds’ which sees Parker and Lady Penelope visiting Tracey Island for the first time. The final episode is ‘Lady Penelope Investigates…The Stately Home Robberies’ which really describes itself.

It’s expected that the new episodes will be available in December

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