There’s a teaser trailer for Thunderbirds Are Go!

Do you feel teased? Well do you? If you don’t then frankly this trailer isn’t doing it’s job. You probably want to see Thunderbird 2 (it’s always Thunderbird 2 that people want to see) picking up a module, probably number 4, and then flying off to some dramatic rescue mission. Well instead you’ve got Thunderbird 5 picking up a British voice in distress looking for help from International Rescue. That’s quite a nice touch really. Despite the fact that the Tracy family and most of their associates were American, the show always had a beautifully British feel about it, like a finely honed piece of furniture.

Well now the wood has all gone, replaced with some beautiful pixels as provided by New Zealand based Weta Workshop. Thunderbirds are Go! will premiere on ITV at some point on 2015, the 50th anniversary of the Gerry Anderson classic Supermarionation show. It’s good that the studio are treating the show with the respect it deserves in this landmark year, something that Paramount could learn for Star Trek’s upcoming 50th in 2016.

There’s an excellent voice cast involved including Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Rosamund Pike, Kayan Novak and original Thunderbirds voice actor David Graham returning to the park of Parker.

You can find out more about the show, or just sign up for a newsletter, over at the Thunderbirds Are Go! website.

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