There’s a new UK trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy

Look everyone it’s the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, that’s exciting right? Marvel are great and this is a risky proposition for them. What do you mean you’re not talking to Marvel any more? I didn’t realise Edgar Wright was your best friend….what’s that? Marvel won’t let him have any of the CDs. Not even the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack? Well they are clearly being unreasonable in that case. You know what -you’re right!  Marvel suck! Bunch of fraud hacks who won’t let interesting filmmakers take any risks. So here’s a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy from James Gunn and features a talking gun-toting raccoon.

Guardians of the Galaxy is released 31 July 2014 in the UK and 1 August 2014 in the US



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