The Tomorrow People return…again

Sometimes an idea just refuses to die, even if it isn’t hugely beloved in the first place. New from the increasingly sci-fi focussed CW network is The Tomorrow People. Now that probably won’t mean anything to your average viewer of the CW with their Katie Cassidy posters and hip lingo (kids still say radical right?) but this is the third incarnation of The Tomorrow People.

The original, devised by Roger Price, was a British children’s drama that ran for eight series from 1973 until 1979. The basic premise followed the next evolution of humans as they develop new powers including telepathy and telekinesis.

The show was revived in 1992 with Price once again producing, running for three series and featuring a new international cast and continuity.

Well forget all that because now it’s back for a teen-friendly American makeover. The pilot was written by Chuck writer Phil Klemmer and will be showrun by The Vampire Diaries Julie Plec. It seems to have some reverence for the original show with both logo and some character names intact. If the above trailer caught your eye then here’s another clip.

The Tomorrow People will be broadcast on Tuesdays on the CW from the Fall

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