The Good Dinosaur: Teaser released for new Pixar film

There are some scary dinosaurs prowling around cinemas this summer with the release of Jurassic World but Pixar will bring out the charming side of the terrible lizards when The Good Dinosaur arrives in theatres on November 25th. This trailer posits the idea that dinosaurs were never wiped out and went on to live alongside man. That would be interesting fodder for either a B-movie or even a deep sci-fi project and Pixar are capable of making awesome versions of both. Having dug around in their back catalogue over recent years, it’s refreshing to see the Disney-owned studio releasing two original movies in a single year and with critical responses highly favourable towards Inside Out, this could mark the start of a renaissance. Not that Pixar actually ever went off the boil really, but original films are forever welcome. Lucas Neff stars as Arlo the Apatosaurus with voice cast support from Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer, Bill Hader and John Lithgow.

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