The Good Dinosaur: New trailer for Pixar movie

The Good Dinosaur will be the second Pixar movie of the year, and it has a lot to live up to following the near universal acclaim and financial success of Inside Out. It would probably be fair to say that it’s been a troubled production, with director Bob Peterson removed and replaced by Peter Sohn, with the entire story reworked. That also led to the dismissal of the whole voice cast including high profile names such as Neil Patrick Harris, John Lithgow and Judy Greer. Pixar have always had a reputation for doing whatever it takes to make sure they produce top quality films but this has been one of the most dramatic turnarounds with the entire film retooled within the space of a year.

That’s no small undertaking, especially given that the visuals take another step towards photorealism. While the characters retain Pixar’s trademark stylised charm, the backgrounds have progressed towards photorealism.

The film imagines a world where the dinosaurs hasn’t been wiped out by a meteor and live alongside humans. It follows Arlo, an Apatosaurus who gets swept away down river where he encounters Spot, a human child. Together they must learn how to communicate as Arlo tries to find his way home. The new cast includes Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Anna Paquin and Sam Elliot.

The Good Dinosaur arrives in cinemas on 27 November 2015 in the UK and 25 November 2015 in  the US

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  1. I *REALLY* like the graphical style of that! Can’t put my finger of where I’ve seen the thing before…. Spore (The game)?

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