Series XI Reviews – Twentica

After 4 years away from our screens, Red Dwarf returned to Dave on September 22nd 2016 with a brand new episode. Kicking off Series XI, Twentica is a densely packed episode with a  lot of ideas and a quick pace.

With an ensemble story, filmic lighting and a Starbug centric start, the episode feels like sinking into a warm bath of Series VI when it starts. It soon transforms into something a bit different however, and with a strong guest cast, it’s an episode with a lot to love.

Is the difference between this and Series X most akin to the change from II to III? Is this the most Star Trek influenced of any episode of the show? And which member of the cast looks like they’ve just stepped off stage with Twisted Sister in the opening titles?

All these series opening questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew explore the most ambitious episode of the show in years.

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