Series XI Reviews – Samsara


After last weeks opening episode was an expansive and flashy affair, Samsara is quite the opposite. The second episode of Series XI sees the Red Dwarf crew in much more of a traditional setting, both with bunk scenes on the Dwarf and with a mystery exploration of a ship on the Samsara.

For some, it’s one of the best episode they’ve seen in years while for others it has been a much less high ranking affair. But is this a reflection of the episode? Or is it highlighting the issue that lots of fans want different things from the show?

Is this episode more in tune with the show’s roots? Are the bunk scenes a return to form? And just what is good etiquette at an orgy?

All these free loving questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew dive deep into a budget episode that expanded beyond it’s original conception.

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