The Garbage Podcast: Series XI Retrospective

2016 is almost at an end and it’s been a big year for Red Dwarf. Series XI has seen many elements return to the show as well as exploring new areas, and has perhaps set the show up to go on for further episodes better than Series X did.

But it’s not just been the shows themselves. We’ve also had the DVD, a mobile game, a section of Lego Dimensions dedicated to the series, a whole new line line of merchandise and more. At times it’s been difficult just to keep up with everything that has been happening. So before we hit 2017 where all thoughts turn to Series XII, it seems like a good time to look back on Series XI and everything else that went along with it.

How did the series stand up overall? What is there to be made of the leaked Series XII titles? And given that it was recorded at the start of December, how many more developments have rendered sections of this discussion completely irrelivent? All these hastily edited questions and more will be examined as Alex, James and Andrew make a mad dash to go through Series XI in tedious detail for one last time time this year.

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