The Garbage Podcast – Series IV Commentaries: Justice

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series IV’s 25th anniversary, we talk about Justice for our latest commentary. If Series IV is perhaps the overlooked series, then this episode is the epitome of that, and is likely not to be the first to your mind when thinking of the series.

Yet in terms of continuity and what it sets up, it will be important to the future of the show. What’s more, it’s a strong episode that takes a swift tour through various different episode types and themes, but one that get’s passed by when placed against favourites like Dimension Jump and White Hole.

Is an exploding head a step too far into the ridiculous? Did the budget run out before the filming of the courtroom scenes? And just why are so many ship interiors in the Red Dwarf universe made with bricks?

All these masonry based questions and more will be examined as Alex, James and Andrew examine this episode and take a look at just how many of the typical building blocks of the series it contains.

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