The Garbage Podcast – Series IV Commentaries: Dimension Jump

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series IV’s 25th anniversary, we talk about Dimension Jump for our latest commentary. It’s an episode that would spawn a thousand t-shirts, as Ace Rimmer appears for the first time much to merchandisers delight. But what it is about the character that resonates so much with the fans and keeps him coming back?

Does this universe’s Rimmer have the same potential? Was the original intention for the alternate version of The Cat racist? And if a net full of kippers fall on a hologram with nobody’s around to see it, does anyone care?

All these marine based breakfast dish questions and more will be examined as Alex, James and Andrew examine this episode while crying out awooga at any opportune moment to imitate Lister. Apparently.

You can download it from the link below or via iTunes and if you enjoy it then please do leave us a rating/review to let other people know; we’d greatly appreciate it.

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