The Garbage Podcast Series III Commentaries: Timeslides

Garbage Podcast Series III Timeslides

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series III’s 25th anniversary, we talk about Timeslides for our latest commentary.

It’s an episode that can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s scope in ideas, effects and sheer and plot should really be applauded as a fantastic addition to the series. It’s central idea is so good that it’s almost a shame it was never expanded on in the novels as the true extent of it’s ramifications are worthy of some of the better episodes of The Twilight Zone.

What makes this episodes form of time travel so unique and almost dark in nature? Just who would be taking a lot of these photographs and why? And just what is the limit of filth that Snappy Snaps are prepared to print on a cushion? These sofa adornment topics and more are discussed as Alex, James and Andrew look at the episode while barely talking about it as normal.

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