The Garbage Podcast Series III Commentaries: Marooned

Garbage Podcast Series III Marooned

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series III’s 25th anniversary, we sit down to talk about Marrooned for our latest commentary.

Sitcoms derive a lot of these hummour from the relationships and atangonism between the charecters, and this episode takes that to it’s logical conclusion. Trapping Craig Charles in an inhospitible waste and forcing him to talk, simply to stay sane and not think about food certainly provided a strong start to this year’s ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’, and we like to think it was all done in tribute to this classic episode of Red Dwarf.

Is the show strongest when it has this minimal type of set up? Is this perhaps the strongest episode of the show? And why are we even bothering to discuss this episode rather than the obvious all time classic; Red Christmas? These pay-per-view mobile friendly topics and more are discussed as Alex, James and Andrew look at an episode that is difficult to surpass.


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