The Garbage Podcast Series III Commentaries: Bodyswap

Garbage Podcast Series III Bodyswap

In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series III’s 25th anniversary, we try not to get distracted by our male sexual organs as we talk about Bodyswap for our latest commentary.

Considering the mixed reaction to the way Series VII would record without an audience and then play it back to one to get a laugh track, it’s often easy to forget how much of the show was often pre-filmed. This episode features a fair share of pre-recording due to it’s mind shifting concept, but survives supprisingly well considering. Or maybe it’s that we’re all just too enamoured by Chris’ impression of Craig to care.

Would anyone really eat mash head first? Just what is it that makes this series look so different from any other? And just what is the worse piece of merchandise; Mrs Brown’s Boys boxer shorts with the phrase ‘Lovely Baubles’ on them, or ‘Red Dwarf: The Log’? These topics and more are available for £4.99 from Asda as Alex, James and Andrew look at the episode while barely talking about it as normal.


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