News Roundtable: Series XI and XII Confirmed

In this unscheduled edition of The Garbage Podcast, we take a break from our busy schedules of doing nothing to discuss the recent news that Series XI and XII have been confirmed!

Yes, that’s properly confirmed. As in actually happening. Not confirmed in the WhatCulture sense, where confirmation apparently only requires the off hand remarks of the cast rather than a press release from UKTV. Not that we’re bitter about having to deal with that repeatedly. The bastards.

In this post Dimension Jump XVIII discussion, we look at all of the contents of Doug’s announcement from episode outline to the prospect of a live tour. We also dissect what the implications are for the show now being a co-production with Baby Cow, the prospects for the expansion of the show and more with the mix of excitement and trepidation that is more typically greeted by hungry man in a toiletless curry house.

So what can we expect from a period that will see Grant Naylor Productions more active than we’ve seen in years? How would a live show likely work? And will the money saved from reused sets allow for the addition of an inflatable banana? These springily welcome topics and more are discussed as Alex, James and Andrew look at an an exciting future for the show.

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