The Garbage Podcast Lost Episode Commentaries: Bodysnatcher

We’ve spent the last 6 weeks celebrating Red Dwarf’s silver anniversary, but we’re not quite done yet! So join us as we celebrate 5 years, 4 months and 17 days since Bodysnatcher made it’s way into the public domain! Ok, so this doesn’t quite fi in with the 25th anniversary episodes that we’ve been running recently, but with the episode representing a missing piece to the jigsaw of Series I, we let it pass by without comment. Despite some elements of it being reused in other episodes, the story stands up remarkably well on it’s own and sees Rob and Doug dealing with a lot of questions the audience would have had after The End, but which were largely overlooked as Future Echoes was moved into the second episode slot.

Would the series have benefited from it’s inclusion? Could Bodysnatcher and Me² really both be in there same series without leading to a feeling of repetition? And what are we going to do come our next season of podcasts now that we have used this joke more than Keeping Up Appearances used a template that simply required ‘Church’ and ‘Vicar” to be replaced with ‘Ship’ and ‘Captain’ to create a whole new script. Alex, James and Andrew take a look at Series I’s lost episode and consider what could have been…


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