That show you like is going to come back in style: Twin Peaks returns in 2016

Twin Peaks is coming back for a brand new 9 episode series on Showtime in 2016. Wait, what? Yeah, I don’t think anyone really saw that one coming. The cult classic became a TV sensation when it first aired in 1990 with the whole world asking “Who killed Laura Palmer?” The show was a fusion of police procedural and high quality soap opera and would have a huge impact on the television landscape. Hopes were first raised of a revival when these tweets appeared on Friday 3 October


David Lynch and Mark Frost were the creators of Twin Peaks and worked together throughout the first season. They became busy with other projects during the second season much to the chagrin of the cast who felt abandoned and neglected, so much so that many refused to appear in the follow up movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, although leading man Kyle MacLachlan struck a deal to have a limited role in the film for a full pay packet. There was still plenty of story to be told in the strange town and Lynch originally planned a trilogy of film if the first proved to be successful. It wasn’t, and many continue to find it impenetrable but it’s held in high regard by a number of critics.

Twin Peaks had a sprawling cast but there have yet to be any announcements beyond the fact that David Lynch and Mark Frost will write all 9 episode with Lynch directing. It just wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper would it?

Here’s the suitably weird official announcement from Showtime.


That beautiful theme tune was written by Angelo Badalamenti whose fantastic music informed much of the tone of the show. The theme tune for the pilot runs to around three minutes which is so much more civilised than those 3 second stings that most shows use these days. Don’t they know theme music is an important way to form a lasting identity? I blame Lost. Here’s the theme in all it’s glory. Perfect music for seduction, if you forget all the murderous implications.

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