Loki season 1 review

July 15, 2021 The Spoilist 0

Let me start this by saying that I really liked Loki. I like the actors, I like the characters, the direction is superb, the set up is intriguing and the music is fabulous. It has


TV review: The Defenders

August 18, 2017 From The Sublime 0

So here we are.  28 months, 65 episodes and a billion dead ninjas since the surprisingly successful rehabilitation of Matt Murdoch, and we’ve reached the end of the Marvel Netflix Universe Phase One.


TV Review: Luke Cage – Season One Overview

October 2, 2016 From The Sublime 3

How do you tell an exciting story about a superhero who’s unbeatable? Finding and exploiting a vulnerability in an invulnerable hero is a challenge that’s plagued comics and script writers since the genre began, from Superman onwards.