True Blood S05E10: Gone, Gone, Gone

August 15, 2012 Dave Coates 3

This week’s True Blood is subtitled ‘How to Say Goodbye to a Series Regular Without Killing Him/Her Off and Remaining True to the Relationships and Internal Logic of your Stupid Vampire Soap Opera’.


Louie S03E04: Daddy’s Girlfriend: Part 1

July 20, 2012 Dave Coates 0

If there’s one thing I’m interested in, like as a human, it’s the whole love thing. It’s fascinating. It’s also a great excuse not to worry about your life’s workaday concerns, like finding work some day. Louie tends to all my emotionally indulgent needs this week with a whole episode dedicated to the highs and lows of being single and trying to alter that state.


Louie S03E01: Something is Wrong

July 2, 2012 Dave Coates 0

So, up front, I have only seen a small amount of Louie previously, but judging by the recaps and background stuff plot isn’t really Louie’s thing. What I do know is that he’s a supremely funny guy, and that he is proving that culture can be distributed en mass without middlemen for a reasonable price, and was unbelievably up front about what he was doing with the million bucks he raked in. More fanboying later. So the actual show is 22 minutes of weird little vignettes that explore reprehensible aspects of the Louie character that I can’t recall seeing so bluntly exposed in any other show.