Steve’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens predictions

Star Wars predictions

Here at The Spoilist, we’re not content to just watch a movie and be happy about it. No, what we like to indulge in, is massive amounts of idle speculations. Therefore, Star Wars superfan Steve was asked to come up with a series of  predictions about the new movie based on nothing but his amazing powers of deduction and proven psychic abilities*.

Steve’s The Force Awakens Predictor Sheet (of doom):

  • Rey & Kylo Ren are the children of Han & Leia. I think they were separated at birth and kept hidden to protect them (the same as Luke & Leia). Somehow Kylo Ren discovers his heritage and models himself after his grandfather.
  • Han Solo will die – I think Harrison Ford came back to the role of Solo as the story packed more of an emotional punch and Solo will get the heroic sacrifice for the other characters that Ford wanted in Return of the Jedi. Kylo Ren will kill Solo, it will be very dramatic for a son to kill his own father.
  • Luke Skywalker has gone into exile. Once balance was brought to the force Luke became more powerful, so powerful that he was afraid of that power. As he is technically the only force user left in the galaxy he goes into hiding to learn more about the force and keep the power hidden. He’s like a crazy old hermit!
  • We see that Poe Dameron is captured and interrogated by Kylo Ren. I think that Finn will help him escape when he defects from The First Order
  • During the end of the movie Luke will be given back his old lightsaber that he lost on Cloud City
  • Finn will not be a force user, he is just winging it with Luke’s old lightsaber
  • If Rey is indeed the daughter of Leia, she will be a force user
  • Something tells me that Leia has turned her back on her Jedi heritage and has chosen not to pursue the life of a Jedi. Her responsibilities in the Resistance take priority. Maybe Luke has instructed her not to use her powers

So what do you think? Is Steve right? Is your opinion about these things more valid than his? Have you ever seen the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? We’ll revisit Steve’s thoughts in the new year once all the hype and speculation has died down as part of a larger article about spoilers and speculation. May the Force be with you…always.

 *Steve’s psychic ability has not been proven.

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