Star Trek: First trailer for new TV series

New Crews, New Villains, New Heroes, New Worlds

Here’s the first trailer for the new Star Trek TV series which is set to debut on CBS in early January 2017 before becoming the first CBS All Access exclusive show, as the biggest Network in America begins to compete with streaming giants Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

So what does this trailer tell us? Essentially nothing. There’s a new logo which is a variation on the classic Star Trek font although this time it’s a little more jagged, and of course there’s the Star Trek Delta badge which appears to be a little tarnished this time around, but will any of that make it to broadcast?

This video doesn’t feel like it’s any part of an overall marketing policy, but rather one a video designed to show to networks around the world in order to sell the show before any real footage exists. It’s a series of decent if unspectacular space visual effects images that don’t really bear much relation to Star Trek as a whole. There isn’t even a title other than Star Trek, and surely given there’s already a TV show and a movie with those as titles without an added colon, it wouldn’t make a great deal of sense for this show to go by that moniker, although that idea had been floated around before The Next Generation was given its subtitle.

The YouTube description does seem to indicate this is indeed the logo. The significant element g is the tagline, which states “New Crews” so it could be that the rumours are true and each season will be an anthology following a single story and so presumably, there will be a subtitle, much like other shows which work on the same lines like American Horror Story. Right now, IMDB is calling it Star Trek: All Access, which sounds like a terrible behind the scenes documentary.

Presumably, with the show set to begin early in 2017, casting announcements will be imminent with plenty of news, images and updates to follow. If the show does go down the anthology route, with a shorter time commitment, some big stars could join.

Star Trek will be showrun by former Deep Space Nine and Voyager writer Bryan Fuller, with input from Star Trek II and VI director Nicholas Meyer while Star Trek (2009) writer Alex Kurtzman will be executive producer.

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