Star Trek Discovery: New teaser released

“Star Trek is…”

This latest trailer for Star Trek: Discovery will be music to the ears of fans (it’s quite theramin-based music too). This is exactly the sort of marketing that should have been used to promote Star Trek Beyond and make the 50th anniversary more meaningful. Star Trek has a great legacy and it should be acknowledged and its most important milestones. It’s also a nice to tie this show to the very earliest days of Trek given its setting and crossover of characters.

It’s all very reassuring as Discovery begins production and it all feels rather assured. CBS haven’t done the best PR job so far on the new show. First there was the great anticipation of Trek veteran and creator of quirky yet quickly cancelled show Bryan Fuller confirmed as showrunner with the date of the premiere set to begin on January 2017. Then there was announcement of a delay until May and then strangely Fuller departed his “dream job” to go finish his prior commitments to American Gods with casting incomplete and production yet to begin. He has since confirmed that beyond writing the pilot, he has no involvement in the show. More recently further delays have been announced but at least most of the cast in place led by Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Rainsford, supported by Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Michelle Yeoh and Ben Frain as Sarek.

We also get some further glimpses at the production design here with a wireframe of a ship,  which is clearly not Discovery unless it has undergone a serious redesign in the meantime. There’s a nice angular looking Captain’s chair, some familiar looking delta shield badges (although now with added indent) and a glimpse of an Enterprise-esque uniform (although it could just be science blue).

It all looks rather promising and as the first Trek series to be streamed, this could be the third great era of Star Trek on TV.

Star Trek: Discovery begins on CBS All Access later in 2017 to follow shortly after globally on Netflix.

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