Star Trek Beyond: New trailer featuring Rihanna

Here’s the latest trailer for Star Trek Beyond featuring the sweet sounds of Rihanna’s new single ‘Sledgehammer’. There’s a whole load of footage from the second trailer repeated here but it certainly looks intriguing. with some stunningly beautiful visual effects shots of the Enterprise as it reaches its apparent destruction. And Chris Pine is definitely channelling William Shatner in his slightly stilted delivery and that’s an utter joy.

From the marketing so far, the plot appears fairly simple with the Enterprise starting its 5 year mission, only to get destroyed by loads of teeny, tiny ships which leaves the crew split up and stranded on a planet ruled by the villainous Krall (Idris Elba). Whether there is more to it than that remains to be seen, but the footage revealed so far, seems to be from a fairly limited segment of action.

This film has taken on an added poignancy following the premature death of Chekov actor Anton Yelchin and hopefully his performance and the film itself will serve as a fitting tribute.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana , Simon Pegg, John Chu, Karl Urban and Sofia Boutella star in a film directed by Justin Linn.

 Star Trek Beyond arrives in cinemas 22 July 2017


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