Spider-Man Homecoming: The final trailer

Really, this Spider-Man needs to work harder. Both the previous incarnations of the webslinger just made the suits themselves. There they were, just hanging around and discovering their powers and suddenly they had a really cool high-tech suit. That’s true resourcefulness. This one gets it made by Tony Stark and it has all kinds of ridiculous high tech. Does Spider-Man really need this, you ask? Well no, but it fits in with the established technology and relationships in the MCU and also it helps to differentiate it from the more recent Spider-Man films, and we all need that.

It appears to be an interesting dynamic at play here, with Peter Parker wanting to be a real hero, and with The Avengers already existing in this world to inspire him. Then, there’s Tony Stark, essentially ensuring this young hero doesn’t get killed while trying to take on too much. Of course, it’s impossible to be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man when the villains escalate their activity to match the heroes. This time it’s the Vulture as played by Michael Keaton, returning to the superhero genre, and mainstream blockbusters after quite a gap.

And just who is Donald Glover playing. He seems to be important but it’s all very secretive. Given that it’s Donald Glover, it could be big.

Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau, Marisa Tomei and Zendaya also star in a film directed by Jon Watts.

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