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The second episode of Red Dwarf XII sees us finally getting the much discussed ‘the one where everyone’s Kryten’ episode of the show that Doug and the cast have been teasing for so long.

For an episode that starts with this as a concept, its possibly surprising that we also have various other plot strands all vying for attention at the same time, perhaps with some taking the attention away from others. But what effect does this have on the episode, not to mention the balance of humour and plot?

Does the episode live up to expectations? What does it tell us about Kryten’s relationship with the crew? And why might people associate the phrase ‘don’t be ovulating tonight’ with Chris Barrie’s voice?

All these questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew don rubber masks to discuss the episode. Nothing to do with the episode of course but just because why spoil your weekend routine because of a podcast recording?


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