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With the penultimate edition of Red Dwarf XII, we see a plot first teased in the run up to Series X finally realised in M-Corp. But while we knew the rough plot idea, what we didn’t know was that like a David Bowie live show circa 1973, it was going to involve a lot of mime.

Yet this obvious area of comedy to work in only makes up a small part of the densely packed epiosde. With some dark themes, great visual gags and some genuinely pleasing fan service, this epiosde is certainly a contender for one of the best of the Dave era.

What are the similarities to the novels? What Socail media account does The Cat most likely have? And if Chippy was in Series X, would he be telling Lister in a sinister voice that he’d run out of condiments?

All these saucy questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew look at the obvous as well as the harder to see isues raised by the episode.

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