Series XI Reviews – Officer Rimmer


Rimmer based episodes are nothing new to Red Dwarf, so the inclusion of one in Series XI isn’t a huge shock. But that’s not to say that this isn’t an episode that didn’t surprise; both in ways intended and not.

It’s an episode with an interesting central science based idea that allows for a bit of fun with multiple Rimmers, as well as providing a means to do it that is different from any used before. Throw in a dash of body horror and some excellent visual gags and you’ve got a great episode, right?

But what if that episode ends quicker than a song by Napalm Death?

Does the ending affect the overall show? Does Rimmer never learn from his mistakes? And what is the next faset of modern life that will annoy Doug enough to end up in a script? All these complaint hotline based questions and more will be addressed as Alex, James and Andrew judge if the episode is officer class material or not.

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