Series VI Commentaries: Psirens

Image2We’ve been offline for a while while our team has variously dealt with such life altering events as new homes, new children and new underwear. But with 2018 marking the silver anniversary of Red Dwarf VI, we’re naturally back with a brand new series of Garbage Podcasts to the occasion, starting this week with Psirens which aired 25 years ago today.

As the starting point for this series, it’s interesting how much it comes across as a soft reboot with a reminder to the audience of the set up and a gradual reintroduction to the charetcers alongside a plot with some siliarilty to what we’ve seen previously. Yet as the start of Series VI, it also marks the start of several big changes. No Holly and no Red Dwarf, and in their place, running gags, an action adventure feel and a greater emphasis on gags.

How much does this episode mark a bold new start for the show? Why did Annita Dobson believe this episode would help her get down with the kids? And what link do a unicycle and a dead baby have to this episode’s warm up?

All these children’s entertainment questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew juggle various topis to look at this first instlament of the sixth series.

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