Series VI Commentaries: Out Of Time

Image2For the final time this series, we look back 25 years to the airing of the last episode of Series VI with our commentary for Out of Time.It’s an episode that marks not only the end of a series, but also the end of a distinct era of the show with it being the last televised episode Rob Grant would contribute to. Yet it’s also an episode that was largely made up at the last minute, with the story of the script being re-written on the auto cue being one that cast and crew have returned to multiple times over the years. But does it come together inspite of these issues?

How many of the ideas i this episode could have supported an episode in their own right? How much of a debt does the ending owe to another BBC sci-fi show? And if you have access to four oversized animal heads, then why the hell not use them, goddamnit?

All these money saving questions and more are answered as Alex, James and Andrew take one last look back at the show’s sixth series.

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