Series VI Commentaries: Legion

Image2It’s been 25 years today since Legion first aired, and we’re marking the occasion with the latest edition of our Series VI anniversary commentaries.

It’s perhaps one of the best examples of the sixth series, and one that has some of the show’s most quotable lines in the lightbulb gag. In a great example of a vilan of the week with a strong central concept, it manages to find a fresh take on examining the psyches of the charecteristics while also providing would is arguably the best piece of slapstick the show has ever produced.

Which shopping channel previously occupied Legion’s base? Just how revealing can green lycra be? And if you make a passing remark about watching this episode on blu-ray when you record a podcast in September, can anyone be arsed to do an edit to remove these comments when said blu-ray is then delayed until 2019?

All these inevitably negative questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew pool their minds to take a look at the second instlament of the sixth series.


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