Series VI Commentaries: Gunmen of The Apocalypse

Image2In this edition of our continuing celebration of Series VI’s 25th anniversary, we take a break from using AR for sex to load up a new podcast and discuss Gunmen of The Apocalypse using our specail skill; talking drivelling bollocks about Red Dwarf.

It’s the episode that one the Emmy, had a making of book about it and was chosen to close out Red Dwarf night in 1997. It may not largely be considered to be the best episode of the show, but it’s clearly one with a noteable legacy and up there with the best the show has to offer.

But what is it that made this epsiode award worthy? What are the similarities between it and an episode of The Next Generation? And have you noticed them, immediatly reached for the phone to call your lawyer and then stopped because you’ve seen something that made you laugh?

All these made-up-just-because-the-camera is on questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew take aim at and have a shot at explaining why this episode is so revered.

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