Series V Commentaries: Quarantine

Image2Another week has passed and we’re back again to celebrate the silver anniversary of Series V’s initial run with our commentary for Quarentine, which aired 25 years ago today.

If the episodes that the VHS tapes used to name each byte is an indication of the popularity of an episode, then this ranks right alongside Back to Reality. And whether you agree or not, there’s no denying that this is an episode that has had some significant impact, given the popularity of several elements it brings to the show. Between Rimmer’s costume, Mr Flibble, the positive viruses and the Space Corps Directives Manual, many aspects of the show are put in place, either for future appearances in episodes or as something that will become a merchandising or convention favourite.

How much does this episode influence ones to come such as Give and Take? Where did the crew find that much gingham material to make three identical dresses? And going by the play features on the Starbug playlet, does the scouter launch seemingly at random and into the eyes of your pets?

All these animal blinding questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew get locked in to discuss a particularly popular episode of Series V, all of course with the kind permission of the King of the Potato People.

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