Series V Commentaries: Demons & Angels

Image2As we rapidly approach the end of Series V’s silver anniversary, we’re back once again to celebrate the silver anniversary of Series V’s initial run with our commentary for Demons & Angels, which aired 25 years ago today.

It’s perhaps the closet thing Series V has to a light and fun knock about episode, which sits starkly in contrast with the darker elements throughout. It may not be the most insightful character analysis, but does it need to be? And does it perhaps get unfairly criticised as a result? It’s easy to see why it doesn’t often come to mind as the best of the series, but there’s plenty of memorable moments throughout, even if it closes with a logically problematic ending.

How does Lister remember playing pool with planets? What is the strawberry question? And why does a love of meaningless sex make one a cowboy?

All these low and base questions and more will be discussed out as Alex, James and Andrew look at the highs and lows of Series V’s penultimate episode.

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